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Ricardo PLC and Duke Motorsports Team Up for 2020-2021 Formula SAE Season

Duke Motorsports is excited to partner with Ricardo PLC for the 2020-2021 Formula SAE racing season. As partners, Ricardo PLC will provide Duke Motorsports with full access to Powertrain simulation softwares such as WAVE, IGNITE, and RDM. Ricardo's gas dynamics simulation tools allow for robust, in-depth powertrain modeling in order to maximize power and speed output from the engine. "We're really excited to get working and plugging in our FZ-07 model into Ricardo WAVE to take full advantage of the resources at hand to get the most out of our engine in terms of power and on-track speed, especially in our efforts to shift from a naturally aspirated powertrain system to a turbocharged system," said Duke Motorsports team lead, Edgar Uribe III.

About Ricardo PLC:

"Ricardo is a global engineering, environmental and strategic consultancy, operating across a range of market sectors. Ricardo activities cover a range of market sectors including passenger car, commercial vehicle, rail, defence, motorsport, motorcycle, off-highway, marine, clean energy and power generation and government. Its client list includes transportation original equipment manufacturers, supply chain organisations, energy companies, financial institutions and government agencies."

About Ricardo WAVE:

"WAVE is a state-of-the-art 1D gas dynamics simulation tool. It is used worldwide in industry sectors including ground transportation, rail, motor sport, marine and power generation. WAVE enables performance and acoustic analyses to be performed for virtually any intake, combustion and exhaust system configuration. WAVE simulation software solves the 1D form of the Navier-Stokes equations governing the transfer of mass, momentum and energy for compressible gas flows, and includes sub-models for combustion and emissions."

About Duke University Motorsports:

"Duke Motorsports is the Formula SAE team based out of Duke University. The goal each year is to design and build a Formula-style race car. Students from Duke University work hard to develop engineering and teamwork skills in order to produce a race car that is able to compete with the best of the best on and off the track. Our mission as a student group at Duke University is to help talented students unlock their full potential by offering an unparalleled hands-on experience that focuses on creativity and problem-solving."

For more information and updates from Duke Motorsports, like our Facebook Page - Duke University Motorsports, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @DukeFSAE

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