This year, our team has set some lofty goals that will require more funding than we are usually able to garner. It is only with the help of our generous sponsors that we will be able to reach these goals and provide our students with the experiences that will prepare them for their future careers. Being a sponsor of Duke Motorsports is not without its benefits. Access to our team members for recruitment will give your company a leg up over other employers vying for our talented students. Additionally, your logo will appear on the front page of this website for all of our visitors to see! Even more visibility for your company will come from having your logo on our car as it rolls among the paddocks at the FSAE competition for thousands to see. We also display our car all over campus for engineering events, alumni gatherings, and accepted students weekends. The team even makes appearances to elementary schools within the local community to increase engineering interest and encourage young students to pursue STEM related interests.