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Why Invest in Formula SAE?

Auto racing provides a medium for companies and partners to promote their brand to an ever-growing audience that is unique and innovative compared to traditional forms of advertising. Through Formula SAE sponsorship packages, a company gains a return of investment through many unique forms.

The Competition Aspect

Every year competing at Formula SAE sanctioned competition, race cars are seen by countless students and industry professionals from national and international backgrounds. By having your brand be in the spotlight throughout various Formula Student competitions in many North American markets like Michigan, California, Canada, etc., it allows a new market base to see your involvement in helping make engineering designs a reality.

The University Aspect

By being present at a university market, your brand is exposed to a student base that will want to interact with your products or services. Between students, high-profile professors, and campus attendees during recruitment periods, your name will appear on our race car demonstrating dedication to investing in university programs.

One positive that comes with sponsoring a university Formula SAE team that can't be seen with other forms of auto racing sponsorships is the access to recruitment. Being able to work with developing university students allows you to have a more immediate pool of potential hires after their time in school has come to an end. The skills students learn through Formula SAE in engineering, design, marketing and teamwork will help elevate your professional team to the next level.

More Value For Your Dollar

Compared to standard professional auto racing leagues, Formula SAE provides a cheap entry into engineering and automotive sponsorship that allows your brand to be exposed to a large audience of people that are varied in background and actively looking at your name. Below is a comparison between a primary sponsorship package with the Duke University Motorsports FSAE team and a primary sponsorship package with NASCAR Truck Series team, one of the national racing series appearing on your television throughout the year:

It is clear to see that being involved and partnering with your local FSAE team brings forth a lot of benefits to your organization that may not have been apparent at first.

For more detailed information on all our Duke University Motorsports sponsorship packages, shoot us an email at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@DukeFSAE)!

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