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ExxonMobil and Duke Motorsports Reunite for 2019-2020 FSAE Season

Duke Motorsports and ExxonMobil are excited to announce a partnership for the 2019-2020 Formula SAE season. ExxonMobil was previously a sponsor for the Duke Motorsports FSAE team, last seen during the 2016-2017 FSAE season. ExxonMobil will be providing Duke Motorsports with resources to take the team to the next level of competition and professionalism. Being a proud home to Duke Motorsports alumni, it is an honor to be able to reignite the partnership between ExxonMobil and Duke FSAE

About ExxonMobil:

"Access to energy underpins human comfort, mobility, economic prosperity and social progress. It touches nearly every aspect of modern life. Over the course of its long history of more than a century, ExxonMobil has evolved from a regional marketer of kerosene to an advanced energy and chemical innovator, and one of the largest publicly traded companies in the world. An industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy and chemical manufacturing businesses, ExxonMobil operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries, explore for oil and natural gas on six continents, and research and develop next-generation technologies to help meet the dual challenge of fueling global economies while addressing the risks of climate change.

Worldwide, ExxonMobil markets fuels and lubricants under four brands: Esso, Exxon, Mobil and ExxonMobil Chemical.

For more information visit"

About Duke Motorsports:

"Duke Motorsports is the Formula SAE team based out of Duke University. The goal each year is to design and build a Formula-style race car. Students from Duke University work hard to develop engineering and teamwork skills in order to produce a race car that is able to compete with the best of the best on and off the track. Our mission as a student group at Duke University is to help talented students unlock their full potential by offering an unparalleled hands-on experience that focuses on creativity and problem-solving."

For more information and updates from Duke Motorsports, like our Facebook Page - Duke University Motorsports, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @DukeFSAE

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